Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sierra Grille: Eating (Economically) With Class

I have come to the decision that The Sierra Grille consistently has the best food in Northampton. Just typing the name is enough to make my mouth water.
Last Sunday I ate a NY Strip steak with fresh corn and tomatillo salsa, Asian string beans and grilled asparagus, alongside a pint of frosty cold hard cider. Previous meals include smoked pork tenderloin with a Mediterranean sauce (feta, Kalamata olives and tomatoes) and a delicious hangar steak with sage butter, garlic kale and roasted acorn squash.
The first time I went, my initial impression wasn’t the strongest: a crowded bar, a slew of people waiting to be seated, and so much noise you could hardly hear yourself think. I let it go because it was Parent’s Weekend and therefore Northampton was bound to be particularly chaotic.
Upon being seated, I was instantly excited. The menu was so appealing in its every aspect. The appetizers were enticing, the entrees even more so, and the desserts perfectly sweet and unique. Best of all, there was such a great range of prices than any college student could easily find something tasty, filling and economically reasonable.
My suggestion? Go with a group of friends, choose one of the sweet rounded booths, order some drinks and a few smaller plates to share.  The menu is divided into a few great sections. The first is a page of small plates such as a heaping bowl of roasted garlic or a dish of spicy olives for a mere $4. Also available are salty, crispy, fresh French fries served with a variety of dipping sauces – always a good choice.
Now, the most exciting part? The freedom that the Sierra Grille gives you in designing your own entrée. Choose your protein: seared tuna, smoked pork tenderloin, hangar steak, tempeh, and tender chicken, among others. Then choose a sauce from a long list of tasty combinations including a fresh grilled corn and tomatillo salsa, ale caramelized onions and mushrooms, or a daily sauce special. Top off your custom entrée with your choice of two sides including various specials, tasty Asian-style string beans or grilled asparagus with lemon.
Did I mention the desserts? Each scrumptious treat costs a mere $4 and the Grille covers all the bases; fruit, chocolate, crème brulee, sorbet and gelato, to name a few. My personal favorite is the seasonal fruit crisp, filled with anything from raspberries, peaches or blueberries to rhubarb, apples, and strawberries.
As far as refreshments go, I have never seen such a great list of beers and wines that are all available in two to three different sizes, with a huge price range. There are glasses of wine for as little as $2 and 12 ounce beers for $3, with many options to chose from.
The moral of the story? Go to The Sierra Grille and enjoy a night out on the town, feeling sophisticated and spending as little as you like!

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  1. I remember going to Sierra Grille once whilst over, very nice it was too. Having just read your blog post I'm insanly hungry for a very tasty meal and thats not what I'll be having, boo lol

    Nice blog so far Sera, love reading about food and especially people who have a passion for it.